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1- Marina Abramovi | Luminosity | 11 Rooms Manchester International Festival | Photo credit courtesy Manchester City Galleries
2- Santiago Sierra | Veterans of the Wars of Eritrea, Kosovo and Togo Facing the Corner, 2014 | Presented at 14 Rooms in Basel by Fondation Beyeler, Art Basel, Theater Basel in 2014 | MCH Messe Schweiz (Basel) AG
3- Allora & Calzadilla | Revolving Door, 2011 | Presented at 14 Rooms in Basel by Fondation Beyeler, Art | Basel, Theater Basel in 2014 | MCH Messe Schweiz (Basel) AG

Live art by 14 celebrated international artists
presented during Art Basel

Fondation Beyeler, Art Basel and Theater Basel are delighted to announce ‘14 Rooms’, a major live-art exhibition to be staged in Basel from June 14 to 22, 2014. Curated by Klaus Biesenbach and Hans Ulrich Obrist, the exhibition will feature performative works by artists including Marina Abramovi, Jennifer Allora & Guillermo Calzadilla, Ed Atkins, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Damien Hirst, Joan Jonas, Laura
Lima, Bruce Nauman, Otobong Nkanga, Roman Ondák, Yoko Ono, Tino Sehgal, Santiago Sierra, and Xu Zhen. Two more works join the architectural environment conceived by Herzog & de Meuron. Jordan Wolfson’s acting as an epilogue, John Bal-dessari’s as an archival documentation. Both cha-llenge the very notions of live art and the human ex-perience as set out for '14 Rooms'.

Curators Klaus Biesenbach, Director of MoMA PS1 and Chief Curator at Large at The Museum of Modern Art, and Hans Ulrich Obrist, Co-director of Exhibitions and Programmes and Director of International Projects at the Serpentine Gallery, have invited 14 international artists to each activate a room, exploring the relationship between space, time and physicality with an artwork whose 'material' is a human being. Giving visitors an insight into a more performative and interactive practice, visitors will encounter a new situation within each of the 14 rooms, engaging in a diverse series of immersive and intimate experiences.

Conceived specifically for Basel, Ed Atkins, Domini-que Gonzalez-Foerster and Otobong Nkanga will create new works for the show. Alongside these world premieres, historical piece by artists such as Bruce Nauman and Yoko Ono will be presented for the first time at 14 Rooms and other rarely seen works by acclaimed artists from around the world will be brought to Basel.

‘14 Rooms’ will include Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla’s 'Revolving Door' (2011), in which a group of dancers spontaneously form a line and begin to rotate around the room in a circular motion, sweeping up visitors as they move around the space.

In his exploration of social boundaries and socio-cultural inequalities, Santiago Sierra places a succes-sion of war veterans, from varied past conflicts, standing facing one corner of a 5-5-meter room and instructed to only move from their post once solemnly replaced by another veteran mimicking the changing of the guard.

Damien Hirst’s important early work 'Hans, Georg' (1992), consisting of a rotating cast of identical twins sitting below two of his own identical dot paintings, will be restaged at the show under a new title.

Marina Abramovi’s 'Luminosity' (1997) places a performer on a bicycle seat fixed onto a wall bathed in bright light, exploring themes of loneliness and spiritual elevation.

Roman Ondák’s 'Swap' (2011) asks a performer to choose an object as they sit behind a table, and when visitors enter the room they are then able to swap the object with anything else they are willing to exchange, while in Chinese artist Xu Zhen’s 'In Just a Blink of an Eye' (2005) a body floats in mid-air as if frozen, defying both time and gravity, and making the audience question reality and reflect on the work's seeming impossibility.

Artists and the curators will be attending the opening of the exhibition.

While the artists themselves are not present in these works, they instruct performers on how to act out their specifications, resulting in over 70 performers -primarily from the Basel regio- taking part in the ex-hibition. ‘14 Rooms’ will be staged in Hall 3 of Messe Basel in walking distance from Messeplatz. The ex-hibition will open to the public ahead of Art Basel on Saturday, June 14 and will stay open until Sunday, June 22.

‘14 Rooms’ is a collaboration between Fondation Beyeler, Art Basel and Theater Basel, and will be accompanied by an education program conceived and run by Fondation Beyeler.

Originally commissioned as ‘11 Rooms’ by Man-chester International Festival, the International Arts Festival RUHRTRIENNALE 2012-2014 and Man-chester Art Gallery, the project was shown as ‘11 Rooms’ at Manchester International Festival in July 2011, as ‘12 Rooms’ at the International Arts Festival RUHRTRIENNALE 2012-2014 and as ‘13 Rooms' by Kaldor Public Art Projects at Pier 2/3 in Sydney’s Walsh Bay in April 2013. For each edition, the artists list partially changed.

Ann-Christin Rommen, Marc Bättig are the Producers of the exhibition and Samuel Leuenberger is the Associate Curator.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a book pub-lished by Hatje Cantz. The English/ German edition will be available to purchase onsite as well as through bookshops.

Further information on ‘14 Rooms’ is available at 14rooms.net


About Fondation Beyeler Inaugurated in 1997 and set in an idyllic park, the museum is the work of the star architect Renzo Piano. The Fondation Beyeler owes its special appeal to its combination of a world class collection comprising 250 masterpieces of modern, contemporary and ethnographic art, fascinating architecture, beautiful natural surroundings and temporary exhibitions of modern and contemporary art that match the highest international standards. Current and upcoming exhibitions and cooperations: Gerhard Richter, 14 Rooms, Alexander Calder, Gustave Courbet, Peter Doig. For further information please visit: fondationbeyeler.ch
About Art Basel Art Basel stages the world's premier art shows for Modern and contemporary works, sited in Basel, Miami Beach, and Hong Kong. Defined by its host city and region, each show is unique, which is reflected in its participating galleries, artworks presented, and the content of parallel programming produced in collaboration with local institutions for each edition. In addition to ambitious stands featuring leading galleries from around the world, each show's singular exhibition sectors spotlight the latest developments in the visual arts, offering visitors new ideas, new inspiration and new contacts in the art world. Art Basel's Lead Partner is UBS. For further information please visit: artbasel.com

About Theater Basel The Theater Basel is Switzer-land’s largest multipurpose theatre. Situated in the trinational metropolitan region it offers a broad and challenging programme of opera, drama, and ballet, as well as productions for children and young people. In the acting and musical theatre section, Theater Basel intends on promoting classical and traditional works as it is to present contemporary plays and modern opera and musical theatre including world premieres and German and Swiss debut performances to offer a wide variety and excitement in the repertoire. The Theater Basel offers a platform for experimental projects and is also keen to encourage young talents. It stands for a theatre with a local base and far reaching connections, lively, enthralling, traditional and innovative. For further information please visit: theater-basel.ch


贝耶勒基金会美术馆(Fondation Beyeler)、巴塞尔艺术展(Art Basel)和巴塞尔剧院(Basel Theater)非常荣幸地宣布,将于2014年6月14日至22日期间在巴塞尔举行名为《14个房间》的大型现场艺术展览。展览由克劳斯·比森巴赫(Klaus Biesenbach)与汉斯·乌尔里克·奥布莱斯特(Hans Ulrich Obrist)联合策划,将呈现由包括玛丽娜·阿布拉莫维奇(Marina Abramovic)、珍妮弗·阿洛拉与吉列尔莫·卡尔萨迪利亚(Jennifer Allora&Guillermo Calzadilla)、埃德·阿特金斯(Ed Atkins)、多米尼克·冈萨雷斯-弗尔斯特(Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster)、达米安·赫斯特(Damien Hirst)、胡安·乔纳斯(Joan Jonas)、劳拉·利马(Laura Lima)、布鲁斯·瑙曼(Bruce Nauman)、奥托邦·尼康佳(Otobong Nkanga)、罗曼·欧达科(Roman Ondák)、小野洋子(Yoko Ono)、提诺·赛格尔(Tino Sehgal)、圣地亚哥·西耶拉(Santiago Sierra)、和徐震的作品。另有两件作品加入到由赫尔佐格和德梅隆(Herzog & de Meuron)亲自操刀的设计里,以乔丹·沃尔夫森(Jordan Wolfson)的作品为结语,以约翰· 巴尔代萨里(John Baldessari)的作品为文献记录。两者都挑战了现场艺术以及人之体验的概念,这也是《14个房间》开启的探索。

美国PS1当代艺术博物馆(MOMA PS1)的总监、当代艺术博物馆的首席策展人克劳斯·比森巴赫(Klaus Biesenbach),与英国蛇形画廊的展览和项目部联合总监兼国际项目总监汉斯·乌尔里克·奥布莱斯特(Hans Ulrich Obrist)联合邀请了14名国际艺术家参与到作品中。每个艺术家被邀请负责激活一个房间,以“人”为素材,探索时间、空间和物质性的关系。《14个房间》给了参观者一次深度洞察表演性和交互性实践的机会,每一个房间都会带给观者不同的情境,共同构成一系列多样性的、深度沉浸式的亲身体验。

埃德·阿特金斯(Ed Atkins)、多米尼克·冈萨雷斯-弗尔斯特(Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster)和奥托邦·尼康佳(Otobong Nkanga)特别为这次在巴塞尔的展览创作了新作品,各地享负盛名的艺术家,如布鲁斯·瑙曼(Bruce Nauan)和小野洋子(Yoko Ono)等,也将带来了别具历史价值、难得一见的作品参展。

《14个房间》将呈现珍妮弗·阿洛拉(Jennifer Allora)与吉列尔莫·卡尔萨迪利亚(Guillermo Calzadilla)的作品《旋转门》(2011),一群舞者自发站成一排,开始缓慢进行圆周运动,他们的身体构成旋转门般,引导观众行走。

圣地亚哥·西耶拉(Santiago Sierra)透过作品探索社会藩篱和社会文化方面的不平等现象,他邀请了一批曾参加不同战争的退伍军人,在一个5米乘方的房间里面向一个角落站立。只有当指令发出时,才可以静默肃穆地离开原位由另一位代替,以此模拟军队护卫的换班场景。

达米安·赫斯特(Damien Hirst)著名的早期作品 《汉斯·格奥尔格》 (1992)中,一对双生子循环地坐在他的两幅标志性点油画的前面,在本次展览上,他将以新的名字重现这个作品。

玛丽娜·阿布拉莫维奇(Marina Abramovic)则重现了1997年的作品《闪光》(Luminosity),一个表演者极不舒服地跨坐在一个明亮光线照耀的、固定在墙上的自行车座位上,探索“孤独和精神升华”的主题。

罗曼·欧达科(Roman Ondák)的作品《交换》(2011)要求坐在桌旁的表演者选择一件物品,当观众进入房间的时候,他们可以使用任何物品来进行交换。中国艺术家徐震的作品《只要一瞬间》(2005)则呈现了一个仿佛冻结在半空的身体,抗拒着重力和流逝的时间,让观者向真实发问,并反思作品所呈现出的“不可能性”。


尽管艺术家本人不会在作品中出现,但他们指导了表演者如何按照精确的方式来达到表演的效果。有超过70位来自巴塞尔地区的表演者参与了展览。《14个房间》将会在梅斯巴塞尔会展场馆(Messe Basel)的3号厅呈现,距离巴塞尔展览广场(Messeplatz)只有几步之遥。 展览会在巴塞尔艺术展前夕开放,从6月14日(周六)一直持续到6月22日(周日)。


本项目原由曼彻斯特国际艺术节(Manchester Interna- tional Festival)、鲁尔国际艺术节2012-2014(Inter-national Arts Festival RUHRTRIENNALE),以及曼彻斯特艺廊(Manchester Art Gallery)携手合办委任,于2011年7月曼彻斯特国际艺术节呈现《11房间》,在鲁尔国际艺术节2012-2014(RUHRTRIENNALE)展 出《12房间》。并于2013年4月在悉尼威尔士海湾(Walsh Bay)的2 / 3码头举行的卡多尔公共艺术项目(Kaldor Public Art Projects)中呈现《13房间》。每次展览的艺术家名单略有不同。

本项目中,展览制作人为安-克里斯汀·罗曼(Ann-Christin Rommen)和马克·巴提格(Marc Bättig),副策展人为塞缪尔·洛伊恩贝格(Samuel Leuenberger)。

展览出版物将由出版机构汉杰坎茨(Hatje Cantz)合作呈现。英文/德文版本的出版物可于书店或网络购买。14rooms.net


关于贝耶勒基金会美术馆(Fondation Beyeler)

贝耶勒基金会美术馆建立于1997年,位于一座风景迷人的公园中。美术馆建筑由明星建筑师由雷诺·皮亚诺(Renzo Piano)承担设计。贝耶勒基金会博物馆收藏了大约250件世界级的现代、当代和民族志艺术品,并以这些展品、迷人的建筑、唯美的自然环境以及符合国际标准的现当代艺术展览驰名于世。目前及即将展出的展览与合作项目包括:格哈德·里希特(Gerhard Richter)、14个房间、亚历山大·考尔德(Alexander Calder)、古斯塔夫·库尔贝(Gustave Courbet)、以及Peter Doig(彼得·多依格)。如需获取更多信息,请访问fondationbeyeler.ch






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